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Pursue Your Goals with Metro Payment Technologies

If you are ready to finally take charge of your own future and long-term needs through business ownership, we invite you to consider all the exclusive and empowering benefits available to you through our unique ground-floor agent opportunity.

Metro Payment Technologies offers an innovative agent program that can effectively service an amazingly huge, continually renewing nationwide market with often recurring needs.  More importantly, we can easily handle a wide variety of common merchant services without requiring you to invest heavily in a fully equipped professional office, incredibly expensive machinery, or enormous ongoing employee costs.

Instead, we help you create a highly efficient, surprisingly affordable, and easy to operate business where you are truly the boss in full control of your financial destiny.  We don’t have territorial restrictions or unfair quotas.  Instead we let you call the shots and support you in taking your business as big and far as you wish.

An Unmatched Opportunity with an Unlimited Growth Potential

Many agent opportunities strictly limit your success by locking you into a very small territory with just a few product offerings and yet lots of restrictions.  To make matters even worse, the very service and support they claim to provide can be so shockingly inadequate, that it’s not uncommon for new agents to find themselves feeling alone, completely overwhelmed and exceedingly desperate to find solutions to problems that keep growing and growing.  In such cases, the result can quickly become disastrous.

With Metro Payment Technologies, agents can enjoy an entirely different and significantly more positive experience with a highly motivated franchisor and experienced agent support team who are all strongly dedicated to providing an exceptional level of outstanding service, helpful guidance, and dependable assistance to all of our agents on a consistent and ongoing basis.

Just Do What You do Best – and We’ll Handle All the Rest!

Wouldn’t it be great to only have to concentrate on your existing strengths, and let someone else take care of just about everything else?  With Metro Payment Technologies this wonderful dream is now an easily achievable reality!

As a Metro Agent, you are truly your own boss making all the important decisions about exactly how and where you want to grow your business, and we can take care of the rest.  You can work the business by focusing your abilities and resources right where you think you can generate the very best results.

You simply focus on your specific role in our dynamic multi-faceted system, and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing the experts at Metro  stand ready to provide you and your clients with the same level of outstanding service and support that has already established an unmatched standard for customer service in our rapidly growing industry.

We Offer Both Initial & Monthly Residual-Type Earnings

Why settle for less when you can now take full advantage of numerous and highly attractive upfront and back-end recurring revenue steams?  Now you can build a business that can provide both immediate compensation, as well as the real potential for ongoing repeat business that can continue throughout your agent involvement.

Each prospect you approach offers you a chance to secure an immediate client, as well as the opportunity to develop an ongoing and remarkably valuable business relationship.  When any one of your clients use our services, you are compensated each and every time.  The more services they require, the more residual compensation you earn.

That means that with each new client you bring into your clientele base, you increase your potential for multiple and ongoing payments. The more clients you generate, the greater your chances for achieving and even exceeding your long-term goals.

Metro Payment Technologies is rightfully proud of our unmatched 96% retention rate.  We are fully dedicated to not only maintaining our exceptional level of value and service, but even exceeding our already impressive accomplishments.  You and your clients will be treated with the same unrivaled level of service and support.


Our “Open Territory” Policy Offers an Unlimited Opportunity

With Metro Payment Technologies, you make the final decisions about where, when and how to systematically increase the size and scope of your business activities.  While many agents limit you to a very small territory that only protects you from other agents involved with the same company, our innovative program allows you the freedom to market anywhere in the entire country.  That means you are free to focus your efforts, resources and targeted marketing message on exactly where you feel you have the very best chances for both immediate and long-term agent success.

Consider the possibilities.  No matter where you physically live, you can easily compete in even the most lucrative and densely populated markets.  You are welcome to seek out specialty niche markets, or concentrate instead on reaching the largest possible number of prospects throughout the entire country.  When you find a marketing method that works particularly well for your individual needs and style, you can simply replicate that approach in one new market after another with no limits put on your growth or goals.

Take Full Advantage of an Enormous, Self-Renewing Market

The American marketplace is widely regarded as the engine that runs the world’s economy, and at the heart of that engine are millions of merchants who work hard each day to meet the needs of their customers and make doing business as simple and easy as possible.  That’s why they offer credit card payment and so many other convenient and customer-friendly services.

As these merchants grow their businesses, their merchant services can also grow proportionately.  They want to focus on moving forward and providing ever-improving levels of customer service to attract even more business.  This can easily result in more exciting and highly attractive opportunities for additional revenues from added services.

Even if a business should fail, and clearly this is a natural part of the business process, another business generally comes along to take its place.  These new business have many of the same merchant service needs of its predecessor, and offer a terrific opportunity to establish yourself as an ideal resource in growing their new business.

A Simple & Easy Way to Quickly Identify Prospective Clients

It’s as simple as opening your eyes and recognizing some of the most well-know and widely publicized logos in the world.  Almost any business that promotes electronic payments using VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc… can be an ideal candidate for your many helpful, efficient and money-saving merchant services.

When a business actively advertises it accepts credit card payment from its customers, that business is clearly involved in an electronic-based transaction which must be properly processed, often involving several different companies, before the merchant actually receives and can use the ultimate payment for the goods or services rendered.

Remember, the long-term goal of most of your clients is to continue successful operation for many prosperous years to come.  That means they may experience on an ongoing basis a wide variety of common needs for their electronic merchant accounts and routine business activities.  If you can provide your clients with easily understood information and exceptional customer service, we stand ready to help retain your ever-growing client base by providing an incredibly high level of consistent performance and service.

Surprisingly Affordable, Remarkably Flexible & Ready to Rock

Our innovative agent program provides everything needed to quickly create and operate a multi-faceted business opportunity without all the unnecessary excessive costs and crippling limitations offered by many well known agent opportunities.  This means that instead of making someone else richer, you can now spend more of your valuable resources on pursuing your own financial goals.

Because we intentionally designed our agent to be simple to create and easy to operate, the initial start up process should be quick and relatively inexpensive.  You don’t need to invest in a large storefront facility, expensive equipment or unneeded employees.  Instead, you can easily start your business right out of a spare room in your own home with minimal standard office equipment including a computer, dedicated phone line, fax, and the like.

Our innovative training program is designed to be easily understood, quickly mastered and highly focused on getting you up and running as quickly as possible.  We will work with you to answer your questions and provide additional insights that help you feel more confident about initiating positive business activities.

With Metro Payment Technologies, you’ll spend less time, money and effort on creating your business, and instead enjoy the unique opportunity to begin generating positive business activities in a remarkably short period of time and at far less initial expense than many other well known agent opportunities.

Dependable Back-End Support, Service & Fulfillment

We understand you can’t do everything all alone and still be effective.  That’s why our entire organization shares a common dedication to doing our best to assist and support you in the pursuit of you and your family’s financial needs and long-range goals.

Working together in a cooperative team-oriented approach, the agent support staff at Metro is fully committed to help you turn your dream of successful long-term business ownership into quickly achievable reality.

When you need answers, we’ll provide the correct information in a prompt, precise, and understandable manner.  When you need assistance, our entire team stands ready to help.  When you want advice on growing your business, we’ll be ready with our insights, experience, and encouragement in expanding the size and scope of your business.

Targeted Marketing Strategies & Promotional Assistance

While our highly efficient and money-saving merchant services have already proved to be widely popular with an amazing array of small business owners, we also realize that we have only scratched the surface of the incredible potential in our booming industry.

Metro Payment Technologies has the proven systems and procedures already in place.  We know how to reach and properly service huge numbers of clients, and we have well learned numerous powerful methods and strategies for quickly generating new business activities ready to go, but we can’t possible achieve our true potential all by ourselves.

That’s why we need your help!

There’s a huge nationwide market just waiting to be explored.  With a wide variety of common recurring needs, the millions of prospective customers throughout the country

We have already created numerous promotional strategies and marketing methods for identifying, contacting and converting new prospects into receptive (and often repeat) clients.  We know how to uncover previously hidden niche markets.  We have a proven track record in the business that establishes our credibility along with the pricing that proves our value. What we need to become a dominate industry leader is to simply replicate and improve our marketing efforts nationwide.

We stand ready to help guide and assist you in expanding your reach into exciting new marketing opportunities.  With numerous insider techniques and innovative approaches, we stand ready to help you quickly spread the word and secure new clients.  We can even conduct many important functions in your marketing campaign for you allowing more freedom to concentrate you time, effort and resource on receptive candidates.

Learn More About This Exceptional Agent Opportunity!

Whether you’re looking for a part-time business that you can work during your spare time out of a home office or a full-time office-based business that you can grow as quickly and as far as you wish, Metro Merchants Services offers a truly flexible and dynamic business opportunity without all the contractual limitations, unnecessary start-up costs, and often crippling ongoing expenses associated with many well-known and far more expensive agent opportunities.

The best decisions are usually ones that are fully informed, well researched, and carefully considered.  We stand ready to promptly provide you with FREE additional information about this remarkable ground-floor agent opportunity.  There will be no cost or obligation whatsoever.

We are completely confident that once you have all the facts, you’ll agree that Metro offers an unmatched and surprisingly affordable multi-faceted opportunity to own and operate your own home-based business servicing an enormous recurring nationwide market without any territorial restrictions.

Agent Attributes

While we do not require a background in electronic payment services, we do prefer candidates with strong communication skills who are truly serious about aggressively pursuing their long-term goals and may possess the following:

  • Professional attitude and appearance
  • Confident, disciplined and energetic
  • Self-motivating and detail oriented
  • Networking / relationship building skills
  • Comfortable in asking for the business
  • Follows proven systems and procedures
  • Committed to great customer service
  • Capitalize on your existing business contacts

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