Automate… Integrate… Manage!

    Technology should help you spend less time focused on day-to-day tasks and more time managing the strategic aspects of human resources and the finances of payroll. Our enterprise payroll and HR management system is a modular set of tools designed around a single source database. This means you get one integrated solution that saves you time and provides business intelligence that you can use to manage your company more effectively. 

Our powerful and robust, yet easy to use tools:


Manage all your recruitment and applicant tracking tasks from writing the description of the job for online posting to creating an online application, as well as collecting, organizing, and managing the documents required. Functions within the tool enable you to automate many other aspects of the recruitment and applicant tracking process.


A consistent, organized method to maintain important information about each employee. Allows secure electronic storage of employee information that can be accessed from any computer at any time by registered users with their personal username and password. 

Employee HR Profile includes many useful sections including:

  • Performance Reviews
  • Education & Training Tracking
  • Compliance


Primepoint can host all of the documents for an employee electronically in a fully customizable folder structure. You can select specific documents to be available to the employee through the EmployeeXperience self-service web portal. You may also store documents on your company’s server and create links to the documents in the system. 


A powerful tool that enables you to manage all aspects of your company’s HR/payroll activities and tasks as “Events”. You can schedule Events like performance reviews and benefit enrollments. You can document something that took place, like training, by logging it as an Event.


Enables management to create a group of rights that allows specific individuals access to data, while being blocked from other data, based on their needs. 


Do you manage employee benefits manually? Do you need a system to help you with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? With Primepoint’s Base Benefits Management system, you’ll spend less time managing employee benefits since the system will provide what you need to control all aspects of the ACA compliance and reporting. 

  • Manage multiple benefit plans such as medical, dental, and supplemental
  • Manage and relate multiple benefit plans to unique groups of employees
  • Employee Online benefit enrollment
  • Track benefits offered and the employee’s decision to accept or waive
  • Record dependent information
  • Automated communication of benefit selection to carrier
  • Payroll deduction automatically created once an employee is assigned to a plan
  • Seamlessly utilize payroll and see data already in the system to monitor hours worked by variable hour employees to determine their health benefit eligibility
  • Track ACA health benefits affordability
  • No need to know complex ACA codes. Manage your benefit enrollments and the system does the rest to produce Forms 1094C and 1095C


Pre-employment background checks are important to ensure you’re making informed hiring decisions which will reduce risk and avoid the expense of on-boarding and training the wrong candidate. Primepoint’s system streamlines the process by automatically providing the candidate’s information to the organization performing the background check. 


Our developers will configure time-off pay rules abased on your company’s policies. Once created, the system automatically calculates and/or accrues time-off with each payroll. The individual employee can view the data via their pay stub or in the EmployeeXperience self-service web portal.


This tool is designed to be customizable. You can accurately convey an employee’s worth quickly and easily by showing them their total compensation.


A tool that provides you with flexible and customizable reports. Report data can then be exported to other programs such as Excel with on click of your mouse. Reports can also be formatted in the system with the Report Designer function.


We help you organize and categorize your employee’s information into the following Vets-100 sections: disabled veterans, other protected veterans, Armed Forces service medal veterans, and recently separated veterans. Once this module is configured you can create the Vets-100 Report with a few clicks of your mouse.  


Many companies and organizations need to track unpaid non-employee groups such as retirees, unpaid interns, volunteers, etc. Our Non-employee Tracking functionality enables you to create individual groups for each type of unpaid  non-employee and customize that group’s data fields to house the necessary information. This functionality also makes it easy to store and track information about applicants for businesses that don’t have enough recruitment activity to warrant using our full Recruitment Management and Applicant Tracking System.

(Payroll Processing & Basic HR Information)

A robust payroll processing tool that contains 5 basic HR information sections.

  • Basic Employee Information
  • Employee Profile
  • Custom Payroll Worksheets and Data Imports
  • Multi-year Payroll History
  • Robust ACA Management and Reporting Tools
  • Online Reporting
  • Role Based Security
  • 48 Customizable Fields

The system can simplify tasks associated with retirement plan management by utilizing automatic data feeds with certain plan providers. General ledger entries can be more efficient and/or detailed with a customized G/L export. Cash flow can be improved by utilizing “pay-as-you-go” workers’ comp processing.