Metro Agent Opportunities

Metro manages millions of transactions for thousands of merchants nationwide on an annual basis, AND we will do the same for our agents. Our company is dedicated to the success of each agent by offering the best support and well-established, proven programs in our industry.

Metro Payment Technologies specializes in processing payments for merchants while helping them operate better and keep more of their money by controlling their merchant processing costs. We take great pride in our reputation as an innovative industry leader who consistently maintains the highest levels of security while delivering an unmatched level of customer service and client satisfaction.

With an ever-growing client base, numerous attractive recurring revenue streams, and an unprecedented 96% retention rate, we’ve enjoyed tremendous growth and sustained success; but, we realize that it’s just a fraction of what is possible in the incredibly enormous, continually growing marketplace.


Comprehensive Agent Opportunity

Metro Merchant Services offers an innovative and affordable business opportunity without all the restrictive limitations, incredibly expensive overhead and continual inventory needs, while still providing everything needed for creating a dynamic new business with an unlimited future.


  • Open Territory
  • Monthly Recurring Residuals
  • Unlimited Opportunity
  • Dependable Customer Service
  • Low Initial Costs and Overhead
  • Work from Home, Office or Store

Truly Unlimited Growth Potential

Metro Payment Technologies’ “Open Territory Policy” offers you the freedom to pursue new clients all over the country. That means you can build your new business as quickly and as big as you wish in the areas that you find to be the most productive.


Simple to Create—Easy to Operate

 We’ll help you keep start-up costs low and start-up time brief. With very little equipment, and no immediate need to hire employees, you can easily work from home. Start your new business out of a spare room and step up to a storefront-type office whenever you decide it’s time to grow.


Start small, grow big.

 Don’t limit yourself to just one revenue source when you can have all of this and more in an enormous nationwide market! Let Metro show you how you can quickly build a multi-faceted business that can work wherever and whenever you wish.


Just Do What You Do Best…
And We’ll Handle All The Rest!

 While most business owners struggle with various daily challenges, Metro Payment Technologies’ Agents are free to focus on one specific role while our experts handle the rest.

Because we automatically handle and control all processing and customer service for your clients, ALL your efforts can be focused on generating new business.

No matter where your clients are located, our dependable customer support system can effectively and efficiently service their ongoing needs, which can easily lead to more business opportunities for you.

Metro Payment Technologies’ agent program offers many powerful competitive advantages in the electronic payments industry that can endure even the toughest of times!


It’s Easy To Get Started…You Probably Have Everything You Need Already!

 With just a personal computer, fax, and phone, you can get started right away. That’s just one of the advantages to this agent program. With low start-up costs that don’t involve leasing office space, specialized equipment or inventory, you can start your quickly.


Prospective Clients to Target

  • Restaurants and Retail Operations
  • eCommerce and Web Developers
  • Car, Boat and Motorcycle Shops
  • Trade Associations
  • Doctors, Vet and Dental Offices
  • Hair, Nail and Tanning Salons
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Any business accepting electronic payments!

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