Sharing Success and Networking

Mark Landis & George Foreman

Hard Hitting & Successful Merchant Services Sales & Networking

The success of Metro Merchant Services is based on our people, business partners and our customers. Mark Landis & Ivana TrumpEvery day, every one of us at Metro comes in contact with our existing customers, potential customers and individuals and groups who bring new ideas and experiences into our lives. Many of us at Metro make lasting relationships through networking opportunities and business group affiliations.

Whether it be a Chamber of Commerce get together, an Information Marketing Conference, online group or just a social event, there are opportunities to increase our circle of friends, business contacts, new customers or even enhance existing relationships.

At various events around the country, Mark Landis, President of Metro Merchant Services, has met all types of business successes who are willing to share their stories of the ups and downs and ins and outs of what it took them to get to where they are today. Mark has had the opportunity to meet people like George Foreman, “King of the Grill”, Ivanka Trump and others. Meeting people and sharing experiences helps you to relate you and your business successes with those of others in the business world. Most often than not, you find that your road to success has been and is shared by everyone else as well.