eCheck Processing

Now, your store can increase profits by accepting checks again!

Payment systems can automatically convert your customer’s check into an electronic transaction resulting in cleared funds being deposited into your bank account without running to the bank to make a deposit.

The more payment options you offer to customers, the more sales you can ring up.

Many merchants have shied away from handling checks due to the hassle and potential fraud. This has made it difficult for many consumers that are more accustomed to writing a check than using a credit or debit card to buy goods and services at their favorite establishments. With recent advancements in ACH payment processing technology, accepting a check is now no different than using a credit or debit card.

More eCheck Benefits

  • Electronic Check Deposit
  • Automatically Process Recurring Payments
  • No need to take checks to the bank
  • eChecks clear faster than paper checks

Why Pay More?

Start saving today by speaking with one of our payment processing experts!