eCheck - Electronic Check - ACH Payment Processing

eCheck Processing Services Benefits:

  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Electronic Check Deposit
  • Automatically process recurring payments
  • No need to take checks to the bank
  • No waiting for checks to clear

Now, your store can increase profits by accepting checks again!

Many merchants have shied away from handling checks due to the hassle and potential fraud. This has made it difficult for many consumers that are more accustomed to writing a check than using a credit or debit card to buy goods and services at their favorite establishments. With recent advancements in ACH payment processing technology, accepting a check is now no different than using a credit or debit card. That’s because our payment systems automatically convert your customer’s check into an electronic transaction resulting in cleared funds which is instantly deposited directly into your bank account. Because every check becomes an eCheck, you no longer need to worry whether or not the check will clear. Also, there are no checks to deposit either. Plus, you can also accept checks online too. There is no easier or more efficient way to accept checks. The more payment options you have, the more sales you can ring up.

How eCheck Processing Works:

  1. Choose one of our payment processing systems or we can integrate into your existing application.
  2. Activate your Metro Merchant Services merchant account.
  3. Enter customer check details into a Metro virtual terminal or scan check using our check imaging technology.
  4. Check is converted in an electronic ACH payment transaction.
  5. Cleared funds are instantly deposited into your financial institution.
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