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The Metro Payment Gateway (MPG) provides you with a secure, flexible and cost-effective, Internet-based and virtual terminal solution for all of your ePayment processing needs with funds directly deposited into your financial institution. The Metro Payment Gateway (MPG) QuickBooks Edition builds on existing features and brings together all payment possibilities into one easy to use, single sign-on platform. Merchants are no longer tied into Intuit for credit card processing!

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Payment Gateway Benefits 

All Inclusive Service

Consolidated connectivity, ePayment processing and funding through one secure interface.   and secure. 


Cost Savings

Eliminate the need for additional hardware, dedicated phone lines and costly upgrades or maintenance by conveniently accepting Credit, Debit card and eCheck/ACH through an existing Internet connection and web browser.


Modular design that delivers the functionality you need today that is adaptable to your changing business needs

 Ease of Integration

Interface options, software development kits and certified shopping cart partners make deployment simple, quick and efficient.

Advanced Security

Network security, PCI Compliance and integration of Card Verification Values, Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code and proprietary Merchant Selectable Responses safeguard transactions.


Customer Profile Management

Customer data storage eliminates the need for you to store customer payment account information and reduces manual re-entry of repeat customer transactions while remaining compliant and secure.

Managed Billing

A simple, convenient way to collect recurring, installment or deferred payments automatically, and on a regular schedule.

Superior Support

Personal, responsive and thorough support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The MPG Virtual Terminal

Take command of your merchant account anytime through the MPG Virtual Terminal and manage your ePayment solution with the following:

  • The secure processing functionality of a point-of-sale device via a web browser
  • Authorizations, settlement and all ePayment activity for transactions in any channel
  • Simple, quick credit feature enables speedy resolution of customer issues
  • Multiple tiers of user-level access ensures the security of your business and payment data
  • End-of-day or close of business auto settles at a designated time
  • Batch activation of gift cards
  • Quick and accurate past orders research
  • Flexible online transaction reporting and analytics

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Get access to over 30 training videos and a fully functioning demo and experience the power of our gateway!