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Metro Payment Technologies, being in business since 1998,  provides thousands of merchants nationwide with the most cost effective, customer oriented, and secure payment processing solutions around. Join our referral partner program to be a part of our winning team!

Metro Payment Technologies utilizes referrals from our referral program as a way to share our expertise in payment processing and help businesses across the United States. However, we have a problem! There are literally hundreds of thousands of businesses out there that could benefit from our products and services, yet we don’t have the resources to contact them all!  That is why we are actively seeking referral partners all across the United States!

Whether you are currently a merchant or simply an individual looking to make some extra cash on the side, Metro has got you covered! Have a merchant account? A switch to Metro as a referral partner can help you get your processing for reduced or no costs! We’ll simply apply your monthly credit(s) to your fee’s, which will be extremely low since you’re processing with Metro Payment Technologies!

As a partner you will reap the following benefits:

  • Monthly referral income, not just a one time bonus like those other guys!
  • A qualified and trained official agent to partner with.
  • If using us for processing: reduced  merchant account costs, possibly FREE, or even income generating!
  • The ability to help others by sharing our great, low cost, and reliable products and services.

Be a part of our winning team, join our Metro Payment Technologies Referral Program today! 

Contact us at 800-771-3719  to learn more today! 

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