We have important information for you about MasterCard’s BIN expansion. They have issued 2-series BIN cards and you will need to take action to prepare for this new payment or be fined by MasterCard. The fines start at $2500 for the first occurrence, when the merchant cannot process the cards, and go up to $20,000 per occurrence after 30 days of remaining non-compliant with MasterCard. All merchant POS (Point of Sale) terminals and related systems, web page checkout software and anywhere a MasterCard card number is accepted or housed, must be 2-series ready by July 2017. Metro has been working tirelessly to prepare for working solutions to get all of our merchants prepared for this new payment.

What the Numbers Mean

  • BIN – the first 6 digits – identifies the issuing institution for each customer account and enables transactions to be routed properly.
  • Account range – the next 1-5 digits – is how accounts are managed and segmented. Issuers use the account range to support ongoing innovation and safety and security.
  • The customer identification number makes up the remaining digits. It is unknown to MasterCard and is defined and managed by the issuer.

Metro has been contacting all merchants who have terminals that either need to have a download processed in their existing terminal or need to upgrade to a MC 2 BIN series capable terminal (which will also be EMV compliant). Merchants MUST invest in the new technology or the fines that will be assessed could put them out of business. The fines, as mentioned above, are very steep. MasterCard is serious about not losing business simply because merchants are not willing to invest in new terminals. Metro Merchant Services has expanded their resources in order to contact all merchants affected. If you are not sure whether your terminal is MC 2 BIN capable, please call the after-hours terminal support number on the side of your terminal. Since all of Metro’s staff are working with our merchants processing downloads, you may not get through to them directly.

If you have received a call or email from Metro regarding this issue, then you are in need of an upgrade. Please make sure you reach out to your Metro Sales Representative or call terminal support. Thank you for making this a priority. Merchants who are not able to take the MC 2 BIN credit cards by July 30, 2017, will risk having their processing shut off until they upgrade their existing equipment. This action will be taken in order to prevent merchants from experiencing massive fines for each occurrence where they are not able to process these cards. The fines are assessed per occurrence and increased accordingly.


Thank you, Metro Merchant Services