Metro Sponsors and Supports The Patriot Academy in Dover Delaware

Metro Merchant Services was proud to sponsor one our employees, Steven Hayman, to participate in the Patriot Academy which is held in Legislative Hall of our Delaware State Capital.  Patriot Academy trains and encourages our young people to get involved to change the world.  Students, ages 16-25 from all over the country, attend sessions which are held at various times/places during the summer months when students are not in school.  “Patriot Academy is an elite leadership training program specializing in applied civics with a Biblical, Historical, & Constitutional foundation. Students develop leadership strategies, life purpose plans, public speaking and advanced communication skills, campaign techniques, and a founding fathers’ philosophy of government. PA is the premier political leadership training ground in the nation, with the most realistic simulated-legislative session available.” 

During the last day of the Delaware academy, several of our management staff attended the final session of the day. In this session, student’s whose bills were passed at the committee level were then presented to the floor for the legislators to vote for approval, present concerns, offer suggestions of changes to consider, etc.  Once the Bill Presenter exhausts all questions including objections, the bill is then voted upon.  Steven was able to make it to the floor with his bill which was ultimately approved by voting and signed by the acting Governor.  What an awesome experience to witness.

At the end of the day, the students participated in a graduation ceremony which included signing the Constitution of the United States, receiving their ribbon/medal from two highly decorated Veterans and received their certificates of completion.  Watching the students go through this elegant ceremony was extremely rewarding.  The students were dressed in professional attire and presented themselves well.  For these students, it’s a life changing event.  They learn valuable knowledge of how government works, how to convince others to support their ideas, how to communicate effectively including handling intense objections, and most of all, to respect the United States Constitution.

Steve shared his thoughts on attending Patriot Academy for the first time:

“Patriot Academy was a great experience. I learned how to write and present a bill. Patriot Academy is more than just a mock session. It is a 3-day retreat with great people who hold the same values as you while at the same time questioning your values and beliefs. We also presented our bills on the house floor of Delaware Legislative Hall. It was so great because we had to present our bill to a committee and work hard to get it passed there. We all learned how hard it is to persuade others and also how to edit your bill to get it to pass. Patriot Academy also taught me how to talk out problems. I learned a lot and can’t wait to be there next year!”

 We look forward to being a continued sponsor/supporter of Patriot Academy as they help our younger generation build their leaderships skills and take action to maintain conservative values within our government at various levels.